Why not ask us if we can assist with your next project. With over 60 years combined experience of Golf Course Management and Construction,​ we can perhaps offer an alternative solution to meet your specific requirements, including planning, costing and implementation.


The Imants SandCat moves lightly over the turf, slitting the surface and introducing sand to improve drainage and enhance the properties of the rootzone, with the compact size of the machine making it ideal for greens and tees. Used empty, it has similar features to the Imants ShockWave and can be used to aerate hard, compacted areas of fine turf. The SandCat features overload protection by a torque limiter PTO shaft.


The Sand injection Graden is universally accepted to be the most effective machine on the market today at removing excessive organic matter from the top 25mm of a greens surface. It simultaneously adds sand or soil amendment into the channel or grove left. Used in conjunction with Dryject we feel that no better combination exist in modern green-keeping armoury to combat undesirably high levels or organic matter or thatch. Both machines have an important role to play maintaining and or improving the turf sward firmness and removing excessive moisture from turf surfaces. 


Having constructed in the region of 6 golf courses for various clients requirements, from functional pay as you play to super high quality. We are also available to get involved with bunker remodels, new green or tee construction or simply to advise on which construction method would best suit your needs.  


Contact us if you would like to have some good old fashioned honest advice on the direction of your clubs maintenance policy. We count Walton Heath, Queenwood, The Addington, Surrey National, The Woldingham, Westerham and Godstone amongst satisfied clients. Cameron specialises in troubleshooting fundamental issues that can arise within golf course maintenance, particularly when greens playability is compromised. Whilst working at Queenwood he gained valuable experience particularly in how to achieve the very best golf green conditions. Indeed the greens at Queenwood are regarded amongst the best in Europe.

What our customers are saying

Cameron, your guys are a credit to you and your business

Chris Dyson - Woodsome Hall GC